eBook updates

Following repeated requests, this page is provided to give the details of successive upgrades and alterations to the "Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices" eBook.  The information on this page is not important in any way.


28th July 2014 (Ver 26.1)

              Chapter 3    (page 60). The addition of a second, completely different patent application from Annis and Eberly, dated the same day and with the same application number.


6th July 2014 (Ver 26.0)

              Chapter 3       (page 71). The addition of the Asaoka motionless generator designs which predate the MEG patent by two years.

              Chapter 4       (page 53). An easy-build version of William Skinner’s simple gravity-powered power generator.

              Chapter 7       (page 12). The addition of a note from Jas Ascanius indicating that the fast BYV27 diodes give upto three times the output when compared

to 1N34 diodes due to their 200V 25nS performance, both in aerial and Joule Thief circuits.


11th June 2014 (Ver 25.9)

             Chapter 10       (page 62). The addition of a statement from the US Navy that they intend to run their vessels on electrolysed sea water instead of using fossil fuel.

             Chapter 10       (page 89). The addition of a note from David Quirey pointing out that bubblers for acetone need to be made of stainless steel.

             Chapter 14       (page 17). The addition of details on the Jean-Christophe Dumas COP=1.17 heater.

             Chapter 14     (page 73). The addition of a very simple solar panel desk lamp design which can give 8-hours of 1000 lux wide-angle lighting given under three hours of reasonable daytime lighting.


7th May 2014 (Ver 25.8)

             Chapter 14       (page 91). Outline details of simple low-cost, cheap to run cooling systems.


26th April 2014 (Ver 25.7)

               Chapter 3       (page 76). Ashley Gray’s simplified version of Floyd Sweet’s ‘VTA’ motionless generator.


26th April 2014 (Ver 25.6)

              Chapter 1       (page 56). The permanent magnet motor/generator of Victor Diduck.

              Chapter 4       (page 12). Some more specific information on John Bedini’s pulsed flywheel design.

              Chapter 5       (page 60). Some additional information on Joule Thief circuits.


10th April 2014 (Ver 25.5)

              Chapter 13       (page 7). The Nikola Tesla ingenious double-disc homopolar generator.


20th March 2014 (Ver 25.4)

              Chapter 5       (page 58). The suite of investigation videos of the Joule Thief developments of ‘Jennacas’.

              Chapter 5       (page 58). The 1.5V CFL lighting circuit of Lidmotor/Jeanna.

            Chapter 14       (page 10). A brief introduction to Justin Church’s HHO catalytic converter the “H-Cat”.


9th March 2014 (Ver 25.3)

             Chapter 2       (page 67). A suggestion for two small motors coupled directly together.

             Chapter 3       (page 98). The initial detals of a Russian development of a successful, motionless generator with a self-powered output of 105 watts.

             Chapter 3       (page 144). The E-Stress Power Generator from ‘harisingh’.


24th February 2014 (Ver 25.2)

              Chapter 3       (page 17). The correction of the suggestion for laminating the cores of a Figuera generator as that has been found to be not helpful.

              Chapter 4       (page 55). The addition of the 1150 Bhaskara gravity wheel.

             Chapter 14      (page 71). The results of tests on different makes of 1.2V NiMh AA-size batteries..


7th February 2014 (Ver 25.1)

             Chapter 4       (page 7). The addition of the 1998 Spanish patent ES 2,119,690 of José Luis García del Castillo showing a motor-flywheel-generator design.

             Chapter 6       (page 27). Some additional details on the modified fan battery charger.


30th January 2014 (Ver 25.0)

             Chapter 2       (page 12). A very simple, very low-voltage rotor system from ‘Lidmotor’ (who makes motors from jar lids).

             Chapter 3       (page 65). The motionless generators of Dietmat Kunel (patented in 1982).

             Chapter 3       (page 72). The motionless generator of Valeri Ivanov moved over from chapter 13 due to its relevance.


20th January 2014 (Ver 24.9)

             Chapter 1       (page 55). A system of magnetic shielding from Pasi Mäkilä of Finland, and a suggestion for a simple magnetic motor.

             Chapter 7       (page 14). An improved module for the Jes Ascanius antenna system giving double the output.


30th December 2013 (Ver 24.8)

             Chapter 3       (page 77). Details on Ming Cao’s advances, including something close to Ed Gray’s power tube and another like Don Smith’s device.

             Chapter 4       (page 49). The inclusion of some details on a 30 kW Gravity-Powered Motor.

             Chapter 15     (page 54). The true facts on world population growth and human condition world-wide, both now and up to the end of this century.


10th December 2013 (Ver 24.7)

             Chapter 3       (page 88). Further details on the Chinese developer’s Don Smith style device with 15 watts input and 1000 watts output.

             Chapter 14       (page 9). The inclusion of some details on effective heating using HHO and only 216 watts at 12 volts.


22nd November 2013 (Ver 24.6)

             Chapter 3       (page 77). The inclusion of some details on a Russian developer’s self-powered Tariel Kapanadze style device.

(page 80). The inclusion of some details on a Chinese developer’s Don Smith style device with 15 watts input and 1000 watts output.


13th November 2013 (Ver 24.5)

             Chapter 3       (page 73). The inclusion of comments on the designs of Don Smith and Tariel Kapanadze by Ming Cao of China.


7th October 2013 (Ver 24.4)

             Chapter 5       (page 67). The inclusion of two high-performance Joule Thief style circuits from Johnny Aum of Romania.

             Chapter 14    (pages 75 to 88). The inclusion of additional details on using small, portable solar panels to provide light at night.


5th October 2013 (Ver 24.3)

             Chapter 3       (page 13). Pointers to better quality Figuera translations, including human-translated English versions of all five Figuera patents.

             Chapter 3       (page 22). The correction of the jumper (shown in  pink) from pin 9 of IC2 to pin 15 of IC1 (a clerical error which should have been corrected earlier).

             Chapter 3       (pages 19 to 27). The replacement of the Figuera solid-state circuit diagrams and physical layout with tested and proven circuitry.

             Chapter 14    (page 77 onwards). The inclusion and upgrade of additional details on using small, portable solar panels to provide light at night.


24th September 2013 (Ver 24.2)

             Chapter 3       (page 27). The addition of an additional Figuera solid-state circuit diagram from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

             Chapter 6       (page 38). The addition of the latest solid-state battery charging circuit from Alexkor, modified as replication attempts were encountering difficulties.

             Chapter 14     (page 4). The inclusion of some details on “Mr Teslonian’s” wood-gas system which produces house heating, powers a generator, generates oil for use in

                                                    engines, and powers refrigeration, all from burning some short twigs and pieces of wood. Also, details of how to run a vehivle on wood-gas

                                                    As done during World War 2.

             Chapter 14    (page 68). The inclusion of some details on using small, portable solar panels to provide light at night and some constructional suggestions.

             Silver.pdf      (page 5). The correction of the physical component layout diagram in the http://www.free-energy-info.tuks.nl/Silver.pdf document.


24th August 2013 (Ver 24.1)

              Chapter 3       (page 22). The correction of one jumper on the suggested stripboard layout of the Figuera solid-state circuit (the jumper from pin 5 of the first 4017B

                                                    integrated circuit).

              Chapter 3       (page 30). The repeating of the appendix attempted translation of the three relevant Barbosa and Leal patents in the Appendix, so that downloads of the

                                                    Chapter 3 pdf now contains all of the relevant information.


14th August 2013 (Ver 24.0)

              Chapter 3       (page 27). The addition of outline details of the three Portuguese generator patents from Nilson Barbosa and Cheriston Leal showing a very simple device with power gains of 100 or more..


30th July 2013 (Ver 23.9)

              Chapter 1       (page 33). The addition of some suggestions for the physical construction of a simple permanent magnet motor.

              Chapter 6       (page 38). Temporary removal of the latest solid-state battery charging circuit from Alexkor as replication attempts are encountering difficulties.

              Chapter 6       (page 46). The addition of some additional suggestions on battery charging.

              Chapter 9       (page 69). The removal of the section on captrets as I and several others have investigated them in some depth and are of the opinion that they are

                                                    exceptionally difficult to analyse, are liable to damage capacitors and they appear to produce no useful power.


17th July 2013 (Ver 23.8)

Chapter 3         (page 71). The addition of William McFreey’s analysis of the devices of Tariel Kapanadze.

            Chapter 6         (page 38). The addition of an another high-performance solid-state battery charging circuit from Alexkor.

Chapter 11       (page 30). The addition of Maurice Cotterell’s assessment of Rossi’s Cold Fusion system.


20th June 2013 (Ver 23.7)

Chapter 3         (page 50). Some information on Joseph Boyd’s shielded transformer power generator patent application.

Chapter 6         (page 18). The addition of a proven radiant energy battery charging system COP=2 to COP=10 performance.

Chapter 14       (page 51). The addition of details on making a zero-cost solar still to provide drinking water from contaminated water.

Chapter 14       (page 58). The addition of details on an extraordinary way of discouraging mosquitoes and other small flies.


4th June 2013 (Ver 23.6)

Chapter 5         (page 11). The addition of a suggestion on how to implement a 3-battery switch with solid-state circuitry.

Chapter 5         (page 20). The addition of Carlos Benitez’s self-powered, 2 kilowatt electric generator design.


5th May 2013 (Ver 23.5)

Chapter 5         (page 35). The addition of some more advanced Joule Thief circuit designs for ‘Ace_Propulsion’.

Chapter 12       (page 45). Showing how to use the 555 chip as a bistable and how to produce a sine wave output from the 555 chip.

Also                  A method for producing a more effective variety of colloidal silver at http://www.free-energy-info.tuks.nl/Silver.pdf.


27th April 2013 (Ver 23.4)

Chapter 3         (page 10). Some additional information on Clemente Figuera’s Lenz-less self-powered generator.


23rd April 2013 (Ver 23.3)

Chapter 5         (page 57). Variation on the Hubbard device design details.

Chapter 6         (various). The addition of some details on automotice relay charging and using multiple pulse-charging wires instead of just one wire.

Chapter 12       (page 71). The addition of details on the codes used for small capacitors.


10th March 2013 (Ver 23.2)

Chapter 2I        (all). Upgrade to the manually-corrected Italian version by an Italian translator.

Chapter 3         Restructured to have the Don Smith and related material as a separate pdf linked from the eBook.  No material has been omitted, and the html version where space is not limited, remains the full copy.

Chapter 5         Restructured to have the Vladimir Utkin material as his separate pdf linked from the eBook.  No material has been omitted, and the html version where space is not limited, remains the full copy.

Chapter 9         (page 70). The addition of three-plate electret information from Don Smith.

Chapter 10       (page 129). The addition of  some information on the electrolyser system of Paul Zigouras.


2nd March 2013 (Ver 23.1)

Chapter 5         (page 139). The addition of  two different 1.5V Joule Thief circuit lights from LaserSaber.

Chapter 6         (page 31). The addition of replication comments from Jes Ascanius of Denmark, for the Alexkor 1.5V Joule Thief circuit variation.

Chapter 9         (page 69). The addition of three-plate electret information with details from Jes Adcanius.


23rd February 2013 (Ver 23.0)

Chapter 4         (page 39). The addition of a section on buoyancy as a means of power generation with the inclusion of two patent applications.

Chapter 12       (page 20). How to double diode voltage and current rating using a diode bridge.

Chapter 12       (page 74). Introduction to the Arduino programmable chip and a pointer to video tutorials on how to use it.

                        The addition of a program-based translation into German of chapters 1 to 16, which is being manually checked by a native German speaker but due to the very large volume of material involved, that checking will take some considerable time. (www.free-energy-info.com/German.html)


17th January 2013 (Ver 22.9)

Chapter 3         (page 97). The removal of the entry on car ignition coils.

Chapter 3         (page 97). The addition of details on the ‘Gegene’ magnetic plate power amplification arrangement, also

                        The addition of a program-based translation into Italian of chapters 1 to 16, which is being manually checked by an Italian native speaker but due to the very large volume of material involved, that checking will take some considerable time. (www.free-energy-info.com/Italian.html)


7th January 2013 (Ver 22.8)

Chapter 9         (page 36). The correction of some out of date details on the Joe Cell.

Chapter 10       (page 28). Major changes to the Hogg electrolyser design details and a constructor’s support e-mail address from Selwyn Harris.

Chapter 13       (page 60). The inclusion of some additional details on Hans Coler’s “Stromerzeuger” device.


12th December 2012 (Ver 22.7)

Chapter 1         (page 13). The addition of some further details on how Stephen Kundel’s very simple permanent magnet motor operates.

Chapter 4         (page 12). The addition of some details on John Bedini’s pulsed flywheel generator system.

Chapter 14       (page 48). The addition of details of a low-cost commercial solar still to provide drinking water from sea water in disadvantaged areas.

Chapter 16       (page 40). The addition of details of a Tesla Switch circuit might be arranged using transistors.  Also, general updating of the opinions on the ease of building various devices due to delections and additions since this chapter was last revised.


20th November 2012 (Ver 22.6)

Chapter 3         (page 121). (page 27). Some additional constructional suggestions for Clemente Figuera’s Motionless Generator design.


4th November 2012 (Ver 22.5)

Chapter 3         (page 10). The inclusion of Clemente Figuera’s Motionless Generator design, patented in the days when a working prototype had to be shown when a patent application was made.  Nikola Tesla claimed that the Figuera device was based on one of his designs..


26th October 2012 (Ver 22.4)

Chapter 4         (page 23). The inclusion of a gravity-powered wheel design from Abdulsalam Al-Mayahi.

Chapter 5         (page 127). The inclusion of details on adapting a Fuji disposable camera to drive a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb, courtesy of ‘Gadgetmall’.


6th October 2012 (Ver 22.3)

Chapter 3         (page 121). The inclusion of specific circuit details for the Kapanadze replication proposed by William McFreey.

Chapter 5         (page 95). An additional page from Vladimir Utkin on mechanical energy gains in a flywheel.

Chapter 10       (page 127). The addition of Charles Garrett’s electrolyser design, due to Moray King’s advanced electrolysis and cavitation information.

Chapter 10       (page 128). The addition of Archie Blue’s electrolyser design, due to Moray King’s advanced electrolysis and cavitation information.


12th September 2012 (Ver 22.2)

Chapter 1         (page 29). The addition of a magnetic track experiment and possible adaption to become a permanent magnet motor.

Chapter 5         (page 92). Three additional pages from Vladimir Utkin.

Chapter 10       (page 122). The inclusion of Moray B. King’s extensive presentation on Advanced Electrolysis, water clusters, Brown’s Gas and related systems.


30th August 2012 (Ver 22.1)

Chapter 3         (page 113). The extension of William McFreey’s analysis of Tariel Kapanadze’s energy device.

Chapter 5         (page 24). Comments from Bob Boyce on the dangers of testing toroidal rotating magnetic fields.

Chapter 7         (page 49). The addition of Electrostatic Generator patents from Charles Goldie, from D. Le May and from Onezime Breaux.


11th August 2012 (Ver 22.0)

Chapter 2         (page 62). Some additional information on the ‘UFOpolitics’ arrangements of using a re-wound DC motor to power a re-wound generator.

Chapter 4         (page 10). The replacement of the cut motor windings idea with the Wilson self-powered DC generator system.

Chapter 6         (page 39). A brief note on how a ‘UFOpolitics’ re-wound motor can charge the battery which is powering it.


29th July 2012 (Ver 21.9)

Chapter 2         (page 27). The replacement of the Muller Motor with Georges Mourier’s COP=10,000 Motor/Generator Patent

Chapter 2         (page 63). Forum members comment on re-wound DC brush motors charging their own driving battery with cold electricity.

Chapter 3         (page 124). The addition of details on the ‘UFOpolitics’ high-power cold electricity generator.

Chapter 9         (page 64). The most recent advances in Joe Cell construction and use in healing.


21st July 2012 (Ver 21.8)

Several entries have been removed from this version of the eBook in an attempt to make it less daunting for newcomers.  Due to the different style of viewing when using html, these items have been left in place there, many of these omissions are covered in the Appendix.

Chapter 1         (various). The removal of the magnetic tracks of Steele Braden, Howard Johnson and Emil Hartman, also the shielded twin-rotor suggestion.

Chapter 2         (various). The removal of the RotoVerter energy-recovery circuits of Phil Wood and David Kousoulides, thyristor testing and Mark Wesling’s generator.

Chapter 2         (page 50). The addition of an introduction to the ‘UFOpolitics’ method of assymetrical DC motor winding.

Chapter 3         (page 19). The addition of a pointer to a newly posted video covering experimental replications of Floyd Sweet’s VTA generator.

Chapter 3         (various). Removed entries for Michael Ognyanov and Omar Kalfaian also Dietmar Wehr, Dan Davidson, and some other entries, and the Hans Coler information has been moved to chapter 13.

Chapter 3         (page 93). Added the explanation of what the “SISG” module is in Dynatron’s implementation of Don Smith’s circuit.

Chapter 5         (page 122). Some additional information on the FLEET toroid.



18th July 2012 (Ver 21.7)

Chapter 3         (page 121). A simplified description by William McFreey of Tariel Kapanadze’s coil generator.

Chapter 5         (page 51). Additional information from Vladimir Utkin on grounded coils by Kapanadze, Steven Mark and Don Smith.

Chapter 5         (page 78). Additional information from Vladimir Utkin on Illustrations of Fequency Lowering.

Chapter 5         (page 90). Additional information from Vladimir Utkin on Mecanical Analogue of Switchable Inductance.

Chapter 13       (page 7). The inclusion of a pointer to Tewari’s 1994 patent for a COP=2.5 Homopolar Generator

Chapter 13       (page 21). The inclusion of a clarifying connection diagram on Jesse McQueen’s motor/generator coupled system.


20th June 2012 (Ver 21.6)

Chapter 3         (page 63). Revised suggestions on replicating a Don Smith device.

Chapter 5         (page 45). Additional information from Vladimir Utkin.


14th June 2012 (Ver 21.5)

Chapter 3         (page 8). Suggestions for cascaded magnetic frames.

Chapter 5         (page 30). Additional information from Vladimir Utkin on pages 30, 31 and 36.

Chapter 7         (page 14). Additional practical constructional information from Jes Ascanius on aerial set-up and construction.


8th June 2012 (Ver 21.4)

Chapter 3         (page 128). Further analysis of Kapanadze’s devices by William McFreey.

Chapter 5         (page 41). Extended information from Vladimir Utkin on pages 41, 48, 50, 85, 86 and 97.

Chapter 10       (page 18). The direct inclusion of the section on Zach West’s electrolyser design which he used to run a 250 cc motorcycle.

Chapter 10       (page 86). More information on David Quirey’s HHO modification process.


25th May 2012 (Ver 21.3)

Chapter 3         (page 44). The addition of some earlier omitted descriptive text on Don Smith’s devices as it seems of particular interest.

Chapter 3         (page 96). Nickanor Giannopoulos’ very successful operation of two Tesla coils back-to-back, powered by a car ignition coil.

Chapter 4         (page 5). The addition of a pointer to a recent Chas Campbell replication with 750 watts in and 2190 watts output.

Chapter 10       (page 77). The addition of a section showing David Quirey’s technique of running an unmodified generator on HHO.



19th May 2012 (Ver 21.2)

Chapter 3         (page 110). William J. McFreey’s analysis of Tariel Kapanadze’s self-powered coil has been expanded to cover an improved version which does not need ferrite material but which uses just an iron pipe for the coil core.


12th May 2012 (Ver 21.1)

Chapter 3         (page 87). An attempted translation of the Russian interview with Sergei about his “Dynatron” circuit.

Chapter 3         (page 107). An analysis by William J. McFreey of Tariel Kapanadze’s self-powered coil explaining how it is built, how it operates and how it is tuned.

Chapter 3         (page 110). An upgrade by William J. McFreey of his analysis of Tariel Kapanadze’s self-powered motor, producing a much more efficient arrangement with a much lower Radio Frequency power requirement.


3rd May 2012 (Ver 21.0)

Chapter 3         (page 75). Details of energy gains from car coils back to back

Chapter 5         (page 42). The addition of a page on Paul Baumann’s Testatika by Vladimir Utkin.

Chapter 7         (page 14). The addition of a pointer to an aerial forum and a note on lightning hazard with any earthed aerial.

Chapter 8         (page 7). The addition of Leroy Rogers air-compressor patent (which makes his engine conversions viable).


2nd April 2012 (Ver 20.9)

Chapter 5         (page 26). The omission of the TPU information.

Chapter 5         (page 92). Some addition information from Vladimir Utkin.


15th March 2012 (Ver 20.8)

Chapter 3         (page 66). The addition of Richard Quick’s very clear explanation of the two separate kinds of resonance in a wire coil.

Chapter 3         (page 78). The addition of using two car ignition coils back-to-back for the high-voltage source when making a solid-state Tesla Coil.

Chapter 5         (page 71). An additional page from Vladimir Utkin.

Chapter 6         (page 29). The addition of a new battery-charging circuit from Alexkor where a 1.5V battery drawing only 1 milliamp, charges a 12V battery.


27th February 2012 (Ver 20.7)

Chapter 3         (page 86). An introduction to, and analysis of Tariel Kapanadze’s self-powered motor/generators.

Chapter 5         (page 24). Some brief details about the South African 5 kilowatt generator going on sale in March 2012.

Chapter 5         (page 71). An additional page from Vladimir Utkin’s circuit arrangements along with some additional comments from Vladimir Utkin.

Chapter 6         (page 2). The addition of the switching system from the patent of Roger Andrews, used by John Bedini in battery charging.

Chapter 6         (page 30). How to “condition” batteries and capacitors with ‘cold’ electricity.

Chapter 7         (page 12). Dragan Kljajic’s 96-watt printed-circuit boards for Jes Ascanius’ plate aerial system.


12th February 2012 (Ver 20.6)

Chapter 3         (page 64). The correction of the IRF9130 FET orientation in the circuit diagram, as it was shown incorrectly as being wired as an N-channel type while it is actually a P-channel device.

Chapter 3         (page 65). The correction of the corresponding IRF9130 FET wiring in the suggested physical layout.


27th January 2012 (Ver 20.5)

Chapter 3         (page 25). The inclusion of a patent from Robert Norrby which descries what is thought may be the equivalent of the high-power Hans Coler device.

Chapter 3         (page 66). An extension of the information on the replication of a Don Smith system.

Chapter 6         (page 31). A self-charging motor used to charge batteries.

Chapter 16       (page 42). The addition of a query about circuit diagrams.


19th January 2012 (Ver 20.4)

Chapter 3         (page 40). Additions made to the Don Smith information.


12th January 2012 (Ver 20.3)

Chapter 3         (page 40). Additions made to the Don Smith information.


3rd January 2012 (Ver 20.2)

Chapter 3         (page 40). Corrections made to the Don Smith information.


31st December 2011 (Ver 20.1)

Chapter 3         (page 40). Further upgrades to the Don Smith information.


30th December 2011 (Ver 20.0)

Chapter 3         (page 40). Upgrades to the Don Smith information.


20th December 2011 (Ver 19.9)

Chapter 4         (page 1). The addition of a link to a video of the Tseung/Tong COP=3.4 wheel in operation.

Chapter 5         (page 88). Vladimir Utkin’s addition of details of the triode capacitor.

Chapter 10       (page 98). The addition of information on Allen Caggiano’s high-mpg carburettor system “FIVS”.

Chapter 12       (page 75). The addition of a section on how to determine components to use when none are specified..

Chapter 14       (page 3). The addition of information on a ‘portable’ solid-fuel stove which produces 12V 50 watt electricity as well as providing cooking and heating.

Chapter 14       (page 14). The addition of information on a re-wired halogen heater.


12th December 2011 (Ver 19.81)

Chapter 5         (page 85). Some additional observations from Vladimir Utkin.


11th December 2011 (Ver 19.8)

Chapter 3         (page 65). Details of a successful Russian replication of one of Don Smith’s devices with videos of it driving an angle-grinder and an electric motor.

Chapter 5         (page 85). Some additional observations from Vladimir Utkin.


25th November 2011 (Ver 19.7)

Chapter 5         (page 35). An in-depth analysis of Steven Mark’s wiring for his TPU design.

Chapter 5         (page 58. The expression of some doubts on the reliability of the information for the ferrite toroid TPU design.

Chapter 5         (page 122). Three additional pages from Vladimir Utkin on toroidal power units.

Chapter 6         (page 28). Alternative components and a multiple-drive version of Alexkor’s latest battery-charging circuit.


18th November 2011 (Ver 19.6)

Chapter 5         (page 36). Additional comment on how aluminium is now thought to be better than copper strip for the new TPU design.

Chapter 5         (page 41). A massive 64-page additional from Vladimir Utkin and members of a Russian forum, explaining the missing details for the designs of Don Smith and Tariel Kapanadze, passive voltage amplification, practical current amplification, etc.

Chapter 5         (page 105). Walter Ford’s fifty-year-old design for a crystal set which can drive a loudspeaker, implying the importance of having coil sets perpendicular to each other.


11th November 2011 (Ver 19.5)

Chapter 5         (page 35). Additional details on the high-power high-COP toroid design.

Chapter 7         (page 36). Some details on Lawrence Rayburn’s “TREC” high-power aerial system.

Chapter 7         (page 38). Harold Deyo’s Patent Application for a high-power aerial system.

Chapter 14       (page 59). Some details on the UK’s funded solar PV panel scheme.


4th November 2011 (Ver 19.4)

Chapter 5         (page 35). Some details on the recent high-power toroid design of “Tiger”, Wesley, Arunas and Aidal.

Chapter 5         (page 62). A French contributor’s suggestion for a Hubbard Coil system which he believes will provide 10 kW.

Chapter 6         (page 27). An even more advanced battery-charging circuit from Alexkor.

Chapter 10       (page 101). The addition of some details on adapting cars to electric power.


26th October 2011 (Ver 19.3)

Chapter 6         (page 26). Extended details for the latest of the ‘Alexkor’ solid state battery-charging circuits.

Chapter 8         (page 39). The addition of details on the “Hidro” self-powered generator of James Kwok.

Chapter 15       (page 15). The addition of some details on the current attacks on Libya.


15th October 2011 (Ver 19.2)

Chapter 10       (page 74). The addition of information on Selwyn Harris’ method of constructing a Venturi tube for use with a generator which has been modified to run with water as the fuel.


7th October 2011 (Ver 19.1)

Chapter 10       (page 71). The addition of information on adjusting the spark timing on an example standard electrical generator.

Chapter 12       (page 44). The addition of a step-by-step circuit design using a 555 chip, discrete component and finally, a dual op-amp.


23rd September 2011 (Ver 19.0)

Chapter 11       (page 87). Correction of the Bob Beck pulser circuit and the addition of a physical layout suggestion.

Chapter 14       (page 14). The addition of William McDavid’s high-efficiency wind or water-powered generator and the full patent added to the appendix.


23rd August 2011 (Ver 18.9)

Chapter 10       (page 64). The addition of Step-by-Step information on the mechanical adaptation of an electrical generator to run on water as described by Selwyn Harris of Australia.


21st July 2011 (Ver 18.8)

Chapter 3         (page 13). Revision of the web pointer to Stephan Leben’s video to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zh_C3yvJH0 as YouTube has removed his original video.

Chapter 9         (page 14). Extensive additional information from Thomas Trawoeger on his latest design of pyramid with many video clips demonstrating construction, troubleshooting and use.


8th July 2011 (Ver 18.7)

Chapter 3         (page 98). Revision of the web pointer to Russ Gries’ video analysis of Stan Meyer’s “Magnetic Particle Generator” patent as the original copy of the video is no longer available.  Also, additional pointers to further information on the replication of Stan’s system by Russ and Alex Petty.


19th June 2011 (Ver 18.6)

Chapter 5         (page 60). Additional information on Oleg Gritskevich’s high-power electrical generator.

Chapter 8         (page 12). Information on recent advances on Josef Papp’s inert gas  sealed motors.

Chapter 9         (page 63). Very recent advances with the Joe Cell, dispensing with the water and the stainless steel.

Chapter 11       (page 85). The addition of information on Bob Beck’s pulser and colloidal silver techniques.

Chapter 13       (page 9). The addition of a link to Andrea Rossi’s commercial COP=30 ‘cold fusion’ 15 kilowatt heat generator.



6th May 2011 (Ver 18.5)

Chapter 3         (page 58). Correction to the type number of the FET in the Solid-state Tesla Coil circuits where IRP9130 should have read IRF9130.



21st March 2011 (Ver 18.4)

Chapter 3         (page 41). Re-written information on Don Smith’s main device due to having received Don’s own circuit diagram for the device.

Chapter 4         (page 25). The inclusion of a challenge to the operating principle of the hinged-plate design and reference to Amr Al- ’s design which has hinged-arms or hinged plates.

Chapter 4         (page 35). The omission of Ivan Monk’s rotary motor design in order to reduce the size of the eBook and the removal of the corresponding Chapter 16 opinion.

Chapter 4         (page 35). The inclusion of pointers to three other gravity-powered  devices.

Chapter 10       (page 69) The addition of the EnergeticForum / Peter Lindemann  success in running a lawnmower engine on water alone.

Chapter 16       (page 38) The addition of a query on making an application for a grant for a ‘green energy’ project.


17th March 2011 (Ver 18.3)

Chapter 7         (page 9) The Danish developer who provided information on his replication of the Tesla Aerial Plate was not satisfied with the presentation made and requested changes while providing some additional, information which is the reason for this release.


15th March 2011 (Ver 18.2)

Chapter 1         (various pages) Omissions made to reduce the excessive size of the eBook: Phi Transformer, Garry Stanley’s Motor, John Reardon’s motor, Howard Johnston’s entry reduced in size, David Cunningham’s Motor, James Roney’s magnetic shielding, reduced entry on Hartmann and Johnston’s magnetic tracks, Adams Motor and the Kromrey Generator (which are covered in chapter 2).

Chapter 2         (page 40).  A pointer added to Doug Konzen’s web site and his latest coil-shorting circuit diagram shown.

Chapter 3         (page 100).  Additional information and analysis of Stan Meyer’s Magnetic Particle Generator system as initiated by Russ Gries.

Chapter 5         (page 9).  Addition of a warning that the Tesla Switch is a development project and not likely to be operational immediately after construction is completed.

Chapter 5         (various). Omissions made to shorten the eBook, reduced information on Ed Gray, and the removal of the CFT entry.

Chapter 7         (page 9).  Additional information on boosting the power of the Aerial Plate system replication.

Chapter 10       (page 20). The addition of information on the ‘Hogg’ Electrolyser design.



9th March 2011 (Ver 18.1)

Chapter 3         (page 88).  A pointer added to the Kapanadze replications reported to J L Naudin on his web site.

Chapter 6         (page 26).  The addition of a very simple circuit by ‘Alexkor’ which charges batteries with radiant energy, using twelve times less input current than a conventional battery charger.

Chapter 7         (page 7).  The addition of a modular, high-power aerial system which can be used to charge a battery bank very rapidly.

Chapter 7         (page 35).  The addition of a simple aerial system capable of charging batteries in the 1.5V to 6V range.

Chapter 11       (page 23).  The addition of part of Maurice Cotterell’s in-depth analysis of gravity and free-energy generation.

Chapter 13       (page 49).  The addition of Jacco van der Worp’s explanation of the operation of the MEG.

Chapter 15       (page 20).  The addition of a statement from Sir Harry Gibb showing that both the government and the legal system of Australia have both been without any basis in law since 1920 when Australia joined the League of Nations and so became an independent Nation.


5th February 2011 (Ver 18.0)

Chapter 16       (page 8).  Opinions expressed on some 90 different devices and their suitability for construction by a newcomer.


31st January 2011 (Ver 18.0)

Chapter 3         (page 11).  Some information on the production problems being experienced by Richard Willis.

            Chapter 3         (page 60).  Further comments on Don Smith’s devices.

Chapter 3         (page 88).  Further information on the current status of Tariel Kapanadze and the problems which he has encountered..

Chapter 4         (page 2). Added further information on Lawrence Tseung’s impact gravity wheel design.

Chapter 4         (page 15). Added Jerzy Zbikowski’s chain drive design.

Chapter 4         (page 18). Added Mikhail Dmitriev’s nudged weights gravity wheel design.

Chapter 12    (page 34).  Corrected and additional information on NAND and NOR gates and their corresponding truth tables.


6th January 2011 (Ver 17.9)

Chapter 2   (page 25).  Additional information on James Hardy’s water-jet self-powered generator.

Chapter 2   (page 68).  Additional ideas for Mark Wesling’s proposed generator system.

Chapter 2      (page 70).  Art Porter’s magnetic motor test information and video links.

Chapter 10   (page 48).  Additional information and video of Dave Lawton’s auto-tune circuit performing high-efficiency electrolysis.

Chapter 10   (pages 52 and 57).  Showing a diagram of the gas storage tank used when running a generator on water alone.


27th December 2010 (Ver 17.8)

Chapter 4    (page 3).  Added some additional information on the operation of Chas Campbell’s flywheel system.

Chapter 15 Having examined Black’s Law Dictionary, modified some of the comments on what it says.

Chapter 16   (page 6).  Added Chas Campbell’s flywheel system to the list of possible projects

Chapter 16   (page 23) An additional coil wire length and wavelength query on Don Smith’s Tesla Coils.


22nd December 2010 (Ver 17.7)

Chapter 2    (page 39).  Added additional coil-shorting information with a link to a web video demonstrating the technique.

Chapter 2     (page 62).  Mark Wesling’s five-rotor motor/generator design idea.

Chapter 3   (page 4).  Corrected the polarity labels on Lawrence Tseung’s magnetic frame magnets.

Chapter 3     (page 8).  Added the Y-Frame generator idea of Dietmar Wehl.

Chapter 4   (page 8).  Added Jacob Byzehr’s Pulley Ratio information for flywheel systems.

Chapter 10  (page 49).  Added some extra detail on the UK generator conversion methods used.

Chapter 16   (page 30).  Added pointers to four videos made to show the Frederick J. Galloway cylinder heater in operation.


6th December 2010 (Ver 17.6)

Chapter 14    (page 1).  Added the details of the Wood-gas stove construction and use.

Chapter 15    (page 27).  Added the details of the New World Order opinions and economic methods of subjugation of ordinary people.

Chapter 16    (page 26).  Added a detailed section on magnetic heating with both cylinders and discs.


23rd November 2010 (Ver 17.5)

Chapter 1    (page 1).  An update on the ShenHe Wang motor situation and details of how the Chinese government prevented him demonstrating his 5 kilowatt unit.

Chapter 3    (page 11).  The addition of a suggested design for a simple, motionless electrical generator from ‘silverhealtheu’ of the EVGRAY Yahoo forum.

Chapter 3    (page 87).  The addition of a patented design for a simple, motionless electrical generator from Stanley Meyer.

Chapter 10   (page 58).  The addition of details of the wear and tear issues with 120-volt output generators.

Chapter 10   (page 58).  The addition of a pointer to a YouTube video of a generator being run on hydroxy gas alone.

Chapter 10   (page 77).  An expansion of the High mpg carburettors section and their application to furnace operation.

Chapters 2, 4 and 8  The addition of James Hardy’s name to the entries on his self-powered water-jet generator system as I was not previously aware of his name.


17th October 2010 (Ver 17.4)

Chapter 9    (page 30).  The addition of two passive devices from Pier Luigi Ighina, the Italian scientist.  These are low-cost simple-to-construct healing devices.

Chapter 10    (page 78).  The addition of a simple fuel vapour system which can raise mpg figures by as much as 60%.


12th October 2010 (Ver 17.3)

Chapter 3   (page 8).  The addition of the Annis & Eberly patent application for a motionless generator powered by a solid-state reluctance switch which channels magnetic flux, causing it’s direction to reverse.

Chapter 13 (page 6).  Some additional information on the very strange effects of copper moving in a magnetic field.

Chapter 13 (page 50).  Some updated information on Valeri Ivanov’s COP=2.4 motionless generator and extra forum and video links.


25th September 2010 (Ver 17.2)

Chapter 11 (was page 75).  The removal of the information on the weather control machine of David Wells as it is considered too powerful a device to be used indiscriminately.

Chapter 11  Page 103.  Added details on the harmless nature of nuclear radiation and a link to the www.yourstrawman.com web site.

Chapter 13 Page 5.  details of the Borderland Science AC version of Michael Faraday’s homopolar generator.


27th August 2010 (Ver 17.1)

Chapter 1 Page 29.  Added a construction details for Dietmar Hohl’s V-track permanent magnet motor.


16th August 2010 (Ver 17.0)

Chapter 11  Page 91.  Added a section on the suppression of knowledge.

Chapter 15  Page 18.  Extended the information on dealing with debt.



10th August 2010 (Ver 16.9)

Chapter 5  Page 10.  Added details from the Podrazhansky and Popp patent on battery charging using a charging pulse, a discharging pulse and a rest period for fast battery charging and extended battery life.

Pages 35 and 37, additional information on the Fleet toroid device.

Chapter 3  Page 35.  Added details on the Science Source educational kit on resonant circuits.

Pages 13 and 86, moved most of the patent and similar technical information on the Sweet VTA device and the Kalfaian device to the Appendix in order to make the chapter easier for newcomers.

Chapter 15 Added details on the Strawman and other financial inventions and how to deal with these things.



2nd August 2010 (Ver 16.8)

Chapter 1  Moved most patents to the Appendix to make the chapter easier to read and removed the Phi transformer additional details.

Chapter 2   Removed the section on alternator design and replaced the coil-shorting oscilloscope screen shot with a better one.

Chapter 3    Moved the Gunderson patent to the Appendix.

Chapter 8   Moved a major amount of detail to the Appendix and removed the Prof. Evert analysis of the Clem motor.

Chapter 15  Removed completely as it is off-topic


31st July 2010 (Ver 16.7)

All pages  Added topic bookmarks to all chapters and the Appendix to allow direct access to each topic.

Chapter 3 Page 3 - 4.  Added in additional information on a quad-toroidal style of the Thane Heins COP>1 transformer and moved the bulk of the Graham Gunderson patent to the Appendix.


25th July 2010 (Ver 16.6)

Chapter 2 Page 2 - 12. The addition of data on David Chi's "coraxial" self-powered motor/generator system and pointers to his videos.

Chapter 12 Page 12 - 50.  The addition of a very stable and low-cost Schmitt inverter oscillator circuit with adjustable frequency and pulse width.


22nd July 2010 (Ver 16.5)

Chapter 5 The removal of the section on PIC chip programming for the Tesla Switch as the circuitry shows the diodes the wrong way round and so the circuitry needs to be corrected and tested before being shown here again.

Chapter 5 Page 5 - 32.  The addition of information on Lawrence Tseung's "Fleet" toroid version of the Joule Thief circuit.

Chapter 12 Page 12 - 55.  The addition of a section on simple PIC chip programming and the associated drive circuits.


14th July 2010 (Ver 16.4)

Chapter 5 Page 5 - 5.  The correction of a major error in the Tesla Switch information, where the four main diodes were shown the wrong way round.


12th July 2010 (Ver 16.3)

Chapter 3 Page 3 - 10.  Added in the information on the dual-toroidal transformer system of Thane Heins.

                  Page 3 - 60. Included the recent observation from "silverhealtheu" that Don Smith probably concealed the fact that the diodes and capacitors should be the other way round in his circuits and not shown in circuits in the conventional way as they were previously shown.


10th July 2010 (Ver 16.2)

Chapter 10  Page 10 - 57.  A major re-write of the Stan Meyer water injection system for large vehicle engines.


1st July 2010 (Ver 16.1)

Chapter 9  Page 9 - 41.  Added in Bill Williams' comments on how his Ford pickup was driven for two and a half months without using any fossil fuel.

Chapter 5 Page 5 - 12. Added in details of a practical mechanical switching arrangement for the Tesla Switch.


20th June 2010 (Ver 16.0)

Chapter 9  Page 9 - 28.  Added in details of Joseph H. Cater’s explanation of how all pyramids actually work.

Chapter 15 The whole chapter has been restructured and a major section on Joseph H. Cater’s explanation of science added in at page 15 - 17.


10th June 2010

Chapter 5 Page 5 - 12. Added in details on mechanical switching problems encountered when constructing the Tesla Switch.  Moved the information on Joseph Cater’s ultrasonic pulsed water cylinder and Oleg Gritskevitch’s toroidal water generator device from chapter 11 to chapter 5 as that information fits better there.

Chapter 6  Extended information on the Alexkor battery charging circuit due to his continuing development of the circuitry.

Chapter 11 Moved the information on Joseph Cater’s ultrasonic pulsed water cylinder and Oleg Gritskevitch’s toroidal water generator device from chapter 11 to chapter 5 as that information fits better there.


6th June 2010

Chapter 9  Page 9 - 60.  Added in details of Joseph H. Cater’s free-energy box which is supposed to be able to run any internal combustion engine without the use of any fuel and without the need to adjust the engine in any way.


2nd June 2010

Chapter 1  Replaced the Steele Braden magnetic track entry which was omitted by mistake.

Chapter 2  Additional detail on the COP=3.3 wheel made by Mr Tong and presented by Mr Tseung.

Chapter 3  Added the high-Q coil-winding techniques of Robert H. Johns which allows coils similar to the Barker & Williamson high-performance coils to be made quite easily.

Chapter 11 Extended the information on the Wells weather modification machine with more operational details provided by the experienced user, Alberto.  Also, the Joseph H. Cater self-sustaining electrical generator and a note on the Dr Oleg Gritskevitch 1.5 MW COP=100 water generator.


26th May 2010

Chapter 2  Replaced a RotoVerter web pointer as the original web site has been taken over.  Added a note on how to deal with an alternator which is not producing any electrical output in a RotoVerter system.

Chapter 3  Added a note on the fact that magnetic coupling via a pulsed coil has a pick-up intensity pattern which depends on the wavelength involved and included a pointer to a YouTube video demonstrating this fact.

Chapter 6  Varied the Alexkor battery charging circuit to use alternative components as requested by Alex.

Chapter 13  Upgraded the section on the Nitro Cell with the new information on Jim Bundock of the UK who gets a 40% mpg improvement using the Nitro Cell which he built.

Chapter 14 The addition of a note on the possibility of using pulsed battery charging with solar panels and so extending the charging period well past the time when there is enough light to charge the battery bank directly.  A pointer to John Bedini’s commercial offering is also included.


18th May 2010

Chapter 3  Added a link to the recent YouTube video which demonstrates magnetic coupling at resonance:


Chapter 11 Added information on the Wells weather machine.  However, Alberto wants to rewrite the whole entry and so there may be major changes to this section at a later date.

Chapter 13  Upgraded the section on the Muammer Yildiz “Ocean Star” generator as much as is possible since the original information is severely restricted for people who only speak English.  Muammer’s credibility has jumped with his demonstration of a working magnet motor and his very detailed patent on it.


7th May 2010

Chapter 2  Added the very simple Raoul Hatem spun magnetically-coupled rotors which gives free-energy with very little construction needed.

Chapter 6  Extended information on the Alexkor battery charging circuit with four separate batteries being charged.

Chapter 12 The addition of Divide-by-N systems using the CD4017B chip, with a divide-by-25 example.


4th May 2010

Chapter 1  Added information of the Shenhe Wang magnet motor exhibit at the World Expo from 1st May 2010 to 31st October 2010.  Also added the very extensive and detailed patent on the Muammer Yildiz magnet motor demonstrated to Delft university staff and students.  This entry is an attempted translation of the patent whose text is in German (which I don’t speak) and while the result is likely to be substantially correct, there might be some loss of information.

Chapter 2 Added in details of the Raoul Hatem power amplification system through the use of magnetically-coupled rotors.


28th April 2010

Chapter 1  Removed lines of magnetic force from a bar magnet and any related edge-field information in order to reduced the page count.

Chapter 3 Added in some basic AC current through coils information to help with understanding Don Smith's resonance requirements.


25th April 2010

Chapter 12  Added in information on the AC current, impedance, phase factor and coil resonance.


18th April 2010

Chapter 5  Additional information on the operation of Bob Boyce’s toroidal power booster.

Chapter 15  Added in information on the present world situation.


13th April 2010

Chapter 3  Extended information on Don Smith's switching circuitry.

Chapter 5  Clarification of the mechanical switching for the Tesla Switch.

Chapter 15  Added in the "Restore America Plan" information.

Questions  Added several new questions and answers..


8th April 2010

Chapter 1  Added a brief note on John Reardon's Lenz-less rotor system (his full patent is shown in the Appendix).

Chapter 5     Added some additional information on the transistor switching of the PIC version of the Tesla Switch prototyping.


31st Mar 2010

Chapter 1  Added the Graham Clarke Magnetic Gate information.

Chapter 3 Added some additional information on Don Smith's designs and a solid-state Tesla Coil design.

Chapter 5 Added Jeff Wilson's PIC programming method for the Tesla Switch.

Chapter 6  The addition of the Alexkor battery-pulsing system.


27th Mar 2010

Chapter 2  A major rewrite of the Adams Motor information caused by receiving very important new information on how to make the motor/generator have output power which is substantially more than the input power.

Chapter 3  The addition of a suggestion for making the Don Smith circuit work better by moving the spark gap so that it is in series with L1 and the observation that nearly everybody fails to notice the resistor which he shows across the L1 coil.

Chapter 10  The substitution of a much simpler water pump control circuit for the water-fuel generator.


20th Mar 2010

Chapter 4  The addition of the Magnetic Pendulum which has been running for two years now.


14th Mar 2010

Chapter 10 The correction of two jumpers on the physical layout drawing for Dave Lawton’s water-splitter pulsing circuit shown on page 34.


13th Mar 2010

Chapter 3 The addition of the patent application from Richard Willis, showing an electrical generator with no moving parts and which has a claimed performance well in excess of COP=1 and versions can have one or two rotors providing additional power outputs.


7th Mar 2010

Chapter 3  A major addition to the material on Floyd Sweet's VTA COP = 1,500,000 solid-state device, including a major document from Floyd himself.  Also, the addition of details of Lawrence Tseung's magnetic frame which has been replicated with COP = 1.5.  Also, the inclusion of a patent application for a solid-state, high power output device which operates off electron spin.


5h Mar 2010

Chapter 10 A change of output pin from pin 11 to pin 10 on the HEF4047B Gate Generator chip of the Phase-Lock Loop resonance-locking circuit for Dave Lawton's water-splitter cell.  The chip has two output pins and it is better to use pin 10.


21st Feb 2010

Chapter 5   Additional detail on the requirements for high-speed pulsing of a toroidal transformer and adjustment of one RE illustration.

            Chapter 6   Additional information on using the adapted fan for battery charging.

            Chapter 12 Correction to the direction of one diode in the introductory illustration for a voltage-doubler circuit on page 12 - 25.

Chapter 16 This section has had additional questions and answers added to it.



15th Feb 2010

Questions and Answers The section which was previously called "Conclusion" has been expanded and converted into a document which contains questions posed by some readers and the replies which they received.  This section will be updated on a regular basis without any additional notification.  The questions included at this time are only some of those which I was asked in the last two weeks, so there is a very substantial additional quantity which could be included at a later date.

            Chapter 5   Correction to the first diagram on page 5 - 17.


8th Feb 2010

Chapter 9 The removal of Les Brown's method for graphically determining the height of one face of the ideal pyramid.  His graphical method gives an incorrect height of the square root of two (1.414) times half the base while the correct factor is the golden ratio 1.618 times half the base.  His template is close to being correct and so is retained, while his table of lengths for large constructions appear to be misleading at best and so has been removed as the chapter already shows how to determine these lengths.


5th Feb 2010

Chapter 9 Additional pyramid information from Les Brown


31st Jan 2010

Chapter 5 Corrected stripboard component layout and stripboard strip breaks shown on page 5 - 26 for a Tesla Switch clock generator


25th Jan 2010

Chapter 2: Additional details provided by Mr Lawrence Tseung on his 330% efficient pulsed wheel motor/generator.


7th Jan 2010

Chapter 5: Details of the Rosemary Ainslie COP=17 heater design documented by her in collaboration with the Panacea-bocaf staff, and pointers to two documents on the www.panacea-bocaf.org web site.


4th Jan 2010

Chapter 5: The addition of the Lisac patent application which appears to claim circuits very close to, if not identical with, the Ron Cole 1-battery switch and the 4-battery Tesla Switch.


1st Jan 2010

Chapter 1: The addition of details on the Steorn "Orbo" magnetic motor with links to their web site.

Chapter 14: The addition of the Kim range of hydroxy heaters and an additional section stating the factors involved with solar panel installations.


26th Dec 2009

Chapter 8: The addition of the Cahill / Scott patent for their environmentally-powered generator system.

Chapter 10: The addition of details of additional water-fuel generators and the details of Otto-cycle running of an engine on water mist alone.


23rd Dec 2009

Chapter 2: The re-write of the Adams Motor information to give a more ordered presentation of the information which had been gathered on four separate occasions.

Chapter 4: The addition of a section on Lawrence Tseung's impact wheel design and a suggestion for an improved version of his gravity-only wheel.

Chapter 5: The addition of considerable extra constructional information on the Tesla Switch to assist new builders.


14th Dec 2009

Chapter10: Corrections to Dave Lawton's Phase-Lock Loop circuit for locating and holding the cell's resonant frequency.  This involved including four omitted pin jumpers on IC2.

                  Also, the removal of one option for making the electrical connections to Dr Scott Cramton's 9-pipe construction and leaving just the more practical 18-hose clip connection option.


24th Nov 2009

Chapter 2: A re-write and expansion of the Adams Motor information in the light of newly received additional information.


15th Nov 2009

Chapter 10: The addition of a second electrical connection hose clip in the tuning diagram for Dr Scott Cramton's water-splitter cell in order to make it quite clear that both clips should be in place when the resonant frequency is being determined.


27th Sep 2009

Chapter 3: The addition of the translated audio information contained in the video of Tariel Kapanadze's video presentation on his self-powered electrical generator.