eBook updates

Following repeated requests, this page is provided to give the details of successive upgrades and alterations to the "Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices" eBook.  The information on this page is not important in any way.


28th March 2015 (Ver 27.0)

Chapter 6   (Page 52). The inclusion of the Michael Emme design for a 3 kilowatt Earth Battery.                    


12th March 2015 (Ver 26.9)

Chapter 3   (Page 28). The inclusion of a zero-back-EMF 7-toroid transformer system from Alexkor of Russia                    


4th December 2014 (Ver 26.8)

               Chapter 2    (Page 67). Update information on two linked AC motors provided by one of the experimenters whose videos are shown.

               Appendix    (Page 1284). The addition of eleven items which were external documents in order to keep all the information together.


24th December 2014 (Ver 26.7)

               Chapter 2    (Page 67). The inclusion of details on two demo AC motor/generator arrangements (these might be fake).

Chapter 3   (Page 27). The inclusion of three zero-back-EMF toroidal transformer systems from Alexkor of Russia                    

Chapter 11   (Page 51). The inclusion of more detail on Daniel Cook’s motionless electricity generator.                    

 (Appendix    The attempted translation of the 1100+ page appendix into German)


5th November 2014 (Ver 26.6)

              Chapter 3    (Page 26). The inclusion of a zero-back-EMF coil system from Alexkor of Russia which can be used as the output stage for most free-energy devices.


29th October 2014 (Ver 26.5)

              Chapter 3    (Page 100). A considerable update to Floyd Sweet’s VTA design including a 27-year old video of Floyd explaining how to condition magnets for use in his design.

17th October 2014 (Ver 26.4)

              Chapter 3    (Page 110). The addition of extended analysis of Don Smith’s main motionless generator by Mohamed in Algeria.


5th October 2014 (Ver 26.3)

              Chapter 3    (Page 65). The addition of replication and development details on the Lorrie Matchett system from Alexkor in Russia.

             Appendix    The attempted translation into French of the 1100 pages of the Appendix.


1st August 2014 (Ver 26.2)

              Chapter 3    (Page 60). The addition of details of the very simple static electricity motionless generator from Lorrie Matchett.


28th July 2014 (Ver 26.1)

              Chapter 3    The addition of a second, completely different patent application from Annis and Eberly, dated the same day and with the same application number.


6th July 2014 (Ver 26.0)

              Chapter 3       The addition of the Asaoka motionless generator designs which predate the MEG patent by two years.

              Chapter 4       An easy-build version of William Skinner’s simple gravity-powered power generator.

              Chapter 7       The addition of a note from Jes Ascanius indicating that the fast BYV27 diodes give upto three times the output when compared

to 1N34 diodes due to their 200V 25nS performance, both in aerial and Joule Thief circuits.


11th June 2014 (Ver 25.9)

             Chapter 10       The addition of a statement from the US Navy that they intend to run their vessels on electrolysed sea water instead of using fossil fuel.

             Chapter 10       The addition of a note from David Quirey pointing out that bubblers for acetone need to be made of stainless steel.

             Chapter 14       The addition of details on the Jean-Christophe Dumas COP=1.17 heater.

             Chapter 14      The addition of a very simple solar panel desk lamp design which can give 8-hours of 1000 lux wide-angle lighting given under three hours of reasonable daytime lighting.


7th May 2014 (Ver 25.8)

             Chapter 14      Outline details of simple low-cost, cheap to run cooling systems.


26th April 2014 (Ver 25.7)

               Chapter 3       Ashley Gray’s simplified version of Floyd Sweet’s ‘VTA’ motionless generator.


26th April 2014 (Ver 25.6)

              Chapter 1       The permanent magnet motor/generator of Victor Diduck.

              Chapter 4       Some more specific information on John Bedini’s pulsed flywheel design.

              Chapter 5       Some additional information on Joule Thief circuits.


10th April 2014 (Ver 25.5)

              Chapter 13      The Nikola Tesla ingenious double-disc homopolar generator.


20th March 2014 (Ver 25.4)

              Chapter 5       The suite of investigation videos of the Joule Thief developments of ‘Jennacas’.

              Chapter 5       The 1.5V CFL lighting circuit of Lidmotor/Jeanna.

            Chapter 14       A brief introduction to Justin Church’s HHO catalytic converter the “H-Cat”.


9th March 2014 (Ver 25.3)

             Chapter 2       A suggestion for two small motors coupled directly together.

             Chapter 3       The initial detals of a Russian development of a successful, motionless generator with a self-powered output of 105 watts.

             Chapter 3       The E-Stress Power Generator from ‘harisingh’.


24th February 2014 (Ver 25.2)

              Chapter 3       The correction of the suggestion for laminating the cores of a Figuera generator as that has been found to be not helpful.

              Chapter 4       The addition of the 1150 Bhaskara gravity wheel.

             Chapter 14      The results of tests on different makes of 1.2V NiMh AA-size batteries..


7th February 2014 (Ver 25.1)

             Chapter 4       The addition of the 1998 Spanish patent ES 2,119,690 of José Luis García del Castillo showing a motor-flywheel-generator design.

             Chapter 6       Some additional details on the modified fan battery charger.


30th January 2014 (Ver 25.0)

             Chapter 2       A very simple, very low-voltage rotor system from ‘Lidmotor’ (who makes motors from jar lids).

             Chapter 3       The motionless generators of Dietmat Kunel (patented in 1982).

             Chapter 3       The motionless generator of Valeri Ivanov moved over from chapter 13 due to its relevance.


20th January 2014 (Ver 24.9)

             Chapter 1       A system of magnetic shielding from Pasi Mäkilä of Finland, and a suggestion for a simple magnetic motor.

             Chapter 7       An improved module for the Jes Ascanius antenna system giving double the output.


30th December 2013 (Ver 24.8)

             Chapter 3       Details on Ming Cao’s advances, including something close to Ed Gray’s power tube and another like Don Smith’s device.

             Chapter 4       The inclusion of some details on a 30 kW Gravity-Powered Motor.

             Chapter 15     The true facts on world population growth and human condition world-wide, both now and up to the end of this century.


10th December 2013 (Ver 24.7)

             Chapter 3       Further details on the Chinese developer’s Don Smith style device with 15 watts input and 1000 watts output.

             Chapter 14      The inclusion of some details on effective heating using HHO and only 216 watts at 12 volts.


22nd November 2013 (Ver 24.6)

             Chapter 3       The inclusion of some details on a Russian developer’s self-powered Tariel Kapanadze style device.

The inclusion of some details on a Chinese developer’s Don Smith style device with 15 watts input and 1000 watts output.


13th November 2013 (Ver 24.5)

             Chapter 3       The inclusion of comments on the designs of Don Smith and Tariel Kapanadze by Ming Cao of China.


7th October 2013 (Ver 24.4)

             Chapter 5       The inclusion of two high-performance Joule Thief style circuits from Johnny Aum of Romania.

             Chapter 14     The inclusion of additional details on using small, portable solar panels to provide light at night.


5th October 2013 (Ver 24.3)

             Chapter 3       Pointers to better quality Figuera translations, including human-translated English versions of all five Figuera patents.

             Chapter 3       The correction of the jumper (shown in  pink) from pin 9 of IC2 to pin 15 of IC1 (a clerical error which should have been corrected earlier).

             Chapter 3      The replacement of the Figuera solid-state circuit diagrams and physical layout with tested and proven circuitry.

             Chapter 14     The inclusion and upgrade of additional details on using small, portable solar panels to provide light at night.


24th September 2013 (Ver 24.2)

             Chapter 3       The addition of an additional Figuera solid-state circuit diagram from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

             Chapter 6      The addition of the latest solid-state battery charging circuit from Alexkor, modified as replication attempts were encountering difficulties.

             Chapter 14     The inclusion of some details on “Mr Teslonian’s” wood-gas system which produces house heating, powers a generator, generates oil

                                                  for use in engines, and powers refrigeration, all from burning some short twigs and pieces of wood. Also, details of how to run a vehicle

                                                  on wood-gas as done during World War 2.

             Chapter 14    The inclusion of some details on using small, portable solar panels to provide light at night and some constructional suggestions.

             Silver.pdf      The correction of the physical component layout diagram in the http://www.free-energy-info.tuks.nl/Silver.pdf document.


24th August 2013 (Ver 24.1)

              Chapter 3       The correction of one jumper on the suggested stripboard layout of the Figuera solid-state circuit (the jumper from pin 5 of the first 4017B

                                     integrated circuit).

              Chapter 3       The repeating of the appendix attempted translation of the three relevant Barbosa and Leal patents in the Appendix, so that downloads

                                                     of chapter 3 pdf now contains all of the relevant information.


14th August 2013 (Ver 24.0)

              Chapter 3      The addition of outline details of the three Portuguese generator patents from Nilson Barbosa and Cheriston Leal showing a very simple device with power gains of 100 or more..